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The most informed ARTISTIC performances require a delicate balance of musicianship and technical precision from both the conductor and the performers. The Directed Listening Model is a resource that provides a basis for understanding and achieving this critical musical intersection by clarifying the subject matter of ensemble music making and providing conductors and performers a system to analyze and evaluate live sounds. The model also illuminates the prerequisite technical and ensemble skills necessary for the creation of a musical performance. A rehearsal process that utilizes The Directed Listening Model will ultimately inform the depth of interpretation and ARTISTIC nuance available to the musicians thus promoting the highest levels of ARTISTRY in musical performance, regardless of the ability level of the ensemble or the repertoire performed.

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Frank Ticheli

"Here is one of the more thought provoking books on ensemble music making to come along in recent years, one that will fascinate and enlighten conductors and performers who share a belief (or even a disbelief) that rigorous objective attention to details is essential for anyone who hopes to achieve the aim of producing profoundly beautiful musical results. [...] I am certain that The Directed Listening Model: A Rehearsal Guide for Ensemble Musicianship will generate a great deal of meaningful discussion about the art of conducting and the infinitely vast and beautiful topic of ensemble music making." 

H. Robert Reynolds

"If you are looking for a book which explains, in detail, the various aspects to be considered while conducting and rehearsing -- this is it. This is more than just a "how to" book. The authors have considered MANY points we all think about, and many, many more that are described in minute detail to be studied again and again. Indeed, this is a book to be studied more than read superficially. You will want to use it mainly as a reference work, reading a section at a time and thinking about it. I am quite surprised that no one, until now, has taken the time to put into words all of the thoughtful analysis compiled in this volume - a genuine contribution."

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The Directed Listening Model is a comprehensive book for conductors, teachers, and pre-service music education students of any experience level working with any level of performer.


Use as a stand-alone resource for wind and percussion instrument and ensemble pedagogy or as a companion to textbooks utilized in traditional university conducting and music education methods classes.

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An international conductor, author and lecturer, Dr. John D. Pasquale holds the Donald R. Shepherd Professorship in Conducting at the University of Michigan. He serves as Associate Professor of Conducting, Associate Director of Bands, and Director of the Michigan Marching and Athletic Bands. In this position, he directs and oversees the athletic band program, is the conductor of the University Band, guest conductor with the Symphony Band, Symphony Band Chamber Winds and Concert Band, and teaches classes in rehearsal pedagogy and aural analysis of ensemble sound. In addition to his work at the University of Michigan, Dr. Pasquale holds a visiting professorship in music at the Bund Deutscher Blasmusikverbände e.V. Musikakademie in Staufen, Germany.



An advocate for wind literature and ensemble pedagogy in music education, Dr. David Clemmer is active as a conductor, clinician, and lecturer across the US and in Europe.  As a champion of music for the wind ensemble medium, Dr. Clemmer is also active in the commissioning of new works and recent collaborations have produced compositions by famed composers Joseph Schwantner, Frank Ticheli, Dana Wilson, and the 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner in music, Zhou Long. Clemmer holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in Conducting from the Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of Missouri—Kansas City, a Master of Music in Conducting from the University of Oklahoma, and Bachelor of Music Business and Music Education degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Christoph Breithack is a music teacher in secondary education at the Heimschule St. Landolin in Ettenheim, Germany. He also conducts community bands in the Freiburg area, including the Musikverein Freiburg, St. Georgen. As a clinician he works for Yamaha Music Germany within their school band training program. Breithack is an expert in rehearsal pedagogy, training community band conductors at the BDB-Akademie in Staufen, and regularly appears as a clinician at music congresses throughout Germany. One of three co-authors of BlaserklassePLUS, an instructional resource for German secondary schools, Breithack studied bassoon for orchestra at the Trossingen University of Music in Germany and received his teaching degree at the University of Education in Weingarten.


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